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Alongside presenting pieces from the flute and percussion repertoire Zoë and Dan are always keen to promote original music, either by working with contemporary composers or creating new compositions, adaptations or by using improvisation. A selection of their current repertoire is shown below:


World Premieres Performed by Pangenesis

Mark Rose


Flute, glockenspiel and tubular bell

Premiered on Wednesday November 23rd 2005


Paul Tucker

'5 hours sleep in 3 days'

Flute, marimba and tubular bells

Premiered on Saturday 18th March 2006


Original Music and Adaptations Created by Pangenesis

Daniel Earley/Zoë Booth

'Earth – Water – Air - Fire'

Flute, udu, darabuka, claves, multi-guiro, shakers, triangle


Daniel Earley


6” splash, 8” splash, 12” hi hats, 13” hi hats, 14” china, 15” crash, 17” crash, 18” ride, 19” crash, 20” crash of doom, 20” ride, 20” ride with sizzle


George Gershwin arr. Booth/Earley

'Summertime - Fascinatin’ Rhythm - ‘S Wonderful - Someone to Watch Over Me'

Flute and drum kit


Zoë Booth/Daniel Earley

Traditional Music of China

Dizi flute, jingles, temple blocks, small cymbals, tom tom, tam tam


Leonard Bernstein arr. Booth/Earley

'Maria – Somewhere – Tonight – America'

Flute, drum kit, vibraphone


Mike Mower arr. Booth/Earley

Chilli con Salsa Basswalker – Dos Voces

Flute, drum kit, bongos, conga, standing ngoma drum, small bass drum, Latin hand percussion


Kent Kennan arr. Booth/Earley

'Night Soliloquy'

Flute, vibraphone, tubular bell


Zoë Booth/Daniel Earley

Music from North American Indian Tribes

Traditional native North American flute, C flute, bass drum, congas, tom toms, udu, multi guiro


Original Music Created by Pangenesis for the Theatre

‘The Three Maries’

Premiered on Wednesday November 23rd 2005


‘The Witches’

Premiered March 2006, Rome, Italy


Other Repertoire


Presto in D

Flute and renaissance drum


Alec Wilder

Flute and Bongos No. 1

Alto flute, C flute, bell tree, mark tree, tenor drum, small bass drum, temple blocks, bongos, crash of doom, triangle


Alec Wilder

Flute and Bongos No. 2

Flute, temple blocks, bongos, conga, small bass drum, tenor drum, snare drum, small tom tom, cymbal


Payton MacDonald

'Devil Dance'

Flute and bass drum (calf-head)


Jochen Beck

Movimento III

Flute and vibraphone