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Pangenesis – Flutes and Percussion Duo
Zoë Booth – Flutes, Dan Earley – Percussion

Pangenesis was formed in order to explore and imaginatively present all types of music from the earliest expressive beginnings on primitive drums and pipes, through to the vast array of twenty first century instruments, colours and textures. The artistic collaboration between Zoë Booth (flutes) and Dan Earley (percussion) is known as Pangenesis; Pangenesis gives regular concerts in England and Europe, performing a dynamic and visually-entertaining mixture of pieces from their repertoire of classical, jazz and world music, and the duo is also highly in demand for their work in creating new works as incidental music for the theatre; they are about to embark on a theatre tour to Rome to perform original music created for two Anglo-Italian productions – ‘The Three Marys’ and ‘The Witches.’

As well as exploring the established works for flute and percussion duo Zoë and Dan are keen to work with modern composers to further enrich the repertoire; they gave the world premiere of ‘Phocus’ by Mark Rose (for flute, bass drum, glockenspiel and tubular bell) in November 2005.  Another new work by Paul has been written especially for the Pangenesis duo, and was premiered in concert in March 2006.  Zoë and Dan have also created many new arrangements for themselves, through their studies into the performance of music from world cultures, their use of improvisation techniques and their adaptations from scores.